Andy Gets a Haircut

Ok, we’re AndyHairCutterrible puppy parents.  Maybe I’m being a little hard on us, but Andy was matted, badly.  He was matted so badly in fact that the groomer did this to him.  Oh the humanity.  The groomer explained to us that she had to get beneath the mattes in order to fully disentangle our poor wheaten from his balled up tangled fur.  Poor guy.  Lesson learned.  We had been combing him out a couple times a week, but as his hair got longer that proved to be grossly inadequate.  We picked up this matte specific comb:

I’ll throw up a review after we’ve put it through its paces.  The reviews on Amazon are awesome and it was pretty cheap, so nothing to lose really.  In the mean time, Andy will be spending the remainder of the Fall and beginning of Winter with no real coat to speak of.  On a positive note he has been much more snuggly at night which is always a nice little bonus.  Even if he is just using us for our body heat.


One thought on “Andy Gets a Haircut

  1. We have found the de-matter to be a wonderful, coat-saving tool. Over the summer, we transitioned to a summer cut partly due to the hot weather but also because we were having trouble keeping up with the combing and brushing. We also lost a chunk of hair on one of Henry’s paws to the groomer. But now that we have a regular schedule for brushing and combing and we are headed into the cooler weather, we are going to grow out Henry’s coat again.

    Are you brushing his teeth a couple times a week? The two rear big teeth in the back and the two canines in the front require it on the outsides otherwise plaque forms. We recommend one of those brushes that looks like a thimble with a brush on it as well as Kissable dog toothpaste. Henry actually will come and sit by us when it’s time for teeth brushing.

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