Andy Gets an Electric Fence

Anyone who owns a wheaten terrier understands that these little monsters love to run. We have deliberated for some time now on the best way to allow Andy the freedom he deserves.  Of course, we were adverse to the idea of shocking our poor l

AndyCuteittle baby with a barbaric electric fence.  I had the bright idea of creating a zip line more or less from the back of the house out to the end of the property line.  My wife, and everyone else I proposed this plan to told me how horrible of an idea it was.  Visions of the landscaper clothes lining himself while mowing the lawn danced through their heads.  Whatever.  So we called the folks over at Kane’s Containment who are an Invisible Fence dealer.  Tom is the owner and dealt with us directly.  He described the fence’s implementation in detail and put my fears to rest.  Apparently the collars of old were more of a binary zapping unit.  Either the dog was firm grip on a power line or not.  Cross the line and watch out, furball.  The units they install now have a method through which they can control zap intensity.  Ok, i’m in.  Andy needs to run/hunt/move/shake.  He’s a soft coated wheaten terrier, so that goes without saying.

So the fence went in last Friday.  Training started Saturday at noon.  Tom and his team installed flags around the inside of the fence’s perimeter.  Our job was to walk Andy around the perimeter of the flags and pull him into the fence.  As he nears the flags his collar beeps at him.  We yell for him to get back.  Then we praise him wildly for being such a great listener.  The collar was not doing any shocking at this point.  This exercise was recommended two to three times daily for a week or so.  We did this pretty religiously and Andy did a fairly good job of staying away from the flags.

Next step, a little shock therapy.  Time to crank it up a bit on the dude.  Tom put a nice long black leash on him and led him right through the fence.  A couple squeaks later and he was laying on the ground, refusing to move.  Andy was pissed.  That was yesterday, so we’ll see how that training goes moving forward.  He was much more hesitant at the sound of the beeps after his first meeting with the neck shock.  We’ll see how he progresses, but he really seems to be picking up on it quickly.  Not too bad for a stubborn lil wheaten.


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