Andy Loses More Teeth & Other Updates

Our little furry wheaten man turned 17 weeks old this past Friday.  No parties or anything, but I might have snuck him an extra treat or two. Shh, don’t tell the wife.

Thought it would be a good time to give you a quick update on Andy’s progress thus far on a couple of fronts.Andy17weeks

First, let’s talk about Andy’s teeth.  Little man has been losing teeth at a pretty rapid pace.  All of his baby bottom front teeth have been replaced by noticeably less sharp adult teeth.  This is good news for our hands.  He has lost at least a couple of teeth on the top front row as well. We haven’t noticed any change to his back teeth or K-9′s.  We’re pretty excited for the puppy K-9′s to take a hike given their needle like sharpness.  Guessing this will happen soon.

The biting situation:  At 16 weeks Andy’s biting subsided significantly.  His 17th week saw a little bit of regression here.  The teething I’m sure has a lot to do with it, but he has been mouthing more than we would like.  What we’ve been doing here is giving the little man some Antler Bones to chew on each time he starts biting.  These bones are apparently really good for their teeth etc. Kind of pricey, but worth a shot. Spoiled Wheaten Terrier alert. He’s a brat when it comes to bones, he always tries to get us to hold the bone for him while he chews it.  Way too much work negotiating that on his own I guess.   He does not bite anywhere near the face anymore however, which was a problem a few weeks back.  This is good news.

Walks:  He is getting much better on the leash.  He understands that walks are fun and is doing less leash biting and more walking.

The tapeworms: are all gone, thank goodness.  Things were gross.  To be honest, after the first time we saw them, they never showed up again in any subsequent bowel movement.  I’m starting to wonder if we were seeing things, but better safe than sorry on this one for sure.  He took his last pill this Sunday and hopefully we can wash our hands of that little crisis.  We caught him eating deer feces in the backyard the other day so we’re thinking that’s where he may have contracted them from.  I think Wheatens are intelligent dogs, but sometimes Andy gives me cause for concern…

Housebreaking: We live in New Jersey and it’s been an unusually cold couple of weeks.  We have a stake that we screwed into the ground and attached a 25 foot lead to in the backyard.  We have been putting Andy out on that periodically when he should have to “go” and he has been great with it.  We used to stand out there and freeze trying to get him to focus on going to the bathroom.  This works much better.  He’s gotten to the point where we put him on the lead and he goes to his area and does his business then bounds up the steps waiting to come in.  He gets a treat of course each time he successfully completes his task so he is always eager to come inside.  The past month or so have unfortunately left us with some yellow stains on the carpet however.  We used Nature’s Miracle No More Marking to clean up the stains and he hasn’t returned to those spots since.  Link below.  I’d give it a shot, as Andy seemed to keep going back to the same spots over and over.


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