Custom Dog Gate

At 11 months old, Andy is still a bit of a sneaky upstairs bedroom pooper.  He loves the feel of plush carpet under his paws whilst unleashing the fury. AndyPoops2

Obviously this is a baby picture of the fury.  The adult ones are no less stinky and come with significantly more heft.  I know, Andy shouldn’t be pooping in the house at this age.  It really is a relative rarity, but once is really way too much for this type of behavior.  We had a crappy (yeah i did it) plastic gate that we slid between the balusters since Andy was a puppy.  It was annoying, an eye sore and generally stunk (now I’m just celebrating it).  So I decided that I would channel my inner Ty Pennington and build a less obnoxious gate that would match our stairway.  So here we have it:


Now don’t be fooled, it looks much better in this photo than in real life.  But you get the idea.  Moderately simple project, major impact.  Of course, Andy is on the wrong side of the gate in the picture.  I wasn’t surprised.  And you shouldn’t be either.  He’s a wheaten, whose nickname given by his maternal grandfather, Houdini, fits him perfectly.  That’s my boy.

2 thoughts on “Custom Dog Gate

  1. That’s a nice gate. I hope it works well.

    We tried using a plastic gate exactly twice with Henry when he was a pup. We would put him on one side of the gate and about five minutes later we would find him on the other side staring back at us as if to say when are you going to join me?

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