Do Wheaten Terriers Shed?

Our little wheaten terrier Andy just went to the groomer for a much needed post winter shave.  The reason I say shave is because his little hair had become so matted in certain areas that a normal cut was out of the question.  More on this later and on to the topic at hand, do wheaten terriers shed?  They do not.  Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers most certainly do not shed, and while this may sound like a wonderful upside to owning oneAndyHairCut of these little devils, it isn’t all hairless couches and rainbows.  Much like our own hair, wheaten terrier hair needs to maintained.  The main difference of course is that Andy’s fur is extremely fine which makes it prone to matting.  During the winter months this is especially problematic due to the fact that my lovely wife thinks he is her Annie doll from childhood and dresses him up in coats and jackets etc. These outfits if left on all day increase the velocity of the matting process and create little gnarled up pockets of wheaten hair that are nearly impossible to untangle.  The trick here is staying on top of it.  I can say from experience that if you let wheaten hair go, there will be a full body shave in your wheaten’s future.  The trick is to use a comb made especially for detangling matted hair.  The bristles are half moon pieces of metal sharpened on the inner edges.  The way we use this type of comb is by holding Andy’s hair against his skin and pulling at the knots gently until they begin to loosen up.  If you don’t hold the hair it will pull and your wheaten will be very unhappy.  We use the below detangling comb which can be purchased from Amazon for around $10.  Well worth it in our opinion.  Tropiclean also makes a detangler solution that helps to ease the knots out.  Works pretty well in combination with the comb.  Good luck!  And take care of your wheaten terrier so that he doesn’t have to look like Andy next time he gets groomed!

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