Dog Boots – Instant Awesome

As those of you lucky enough to reside in the miserable cold will realize, snow and wheaten paws/fur doesn’t mix.  We have gotten our fair share of snow over the past few weeks and poor little Andy has been going outside looking to play for an extended period of time only to come in with paws full of snow clumps.  This of course leads to his mom and dad blow drying the snow off of him and then Andy chewing/licking his paws for an hour or so.  Not cool.  Yet somehow the dude still wants to go right back out there next time the door opens.  Must be nice to have such a short memory.  With that said, we decided to scour the internet for a solution to this problem.  We came upon these: The Muttluks dog boot. Pretty cool, or so we thought. They came in the mail and we subsequently forced them onto Andy’s paws. Turns out dogs don’t like booties. He walked around like his feet were stuck in mud, lifting each leg about 6 inches off the ground with each step.  There is nothing funnier than a dog walking in booties.  Even if your pooch has no interest in wearing these things out of the house, I would get them just for the comedy.

Andy in his wheaten booties

Andy in his wheaten booties

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