Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Grooming

Grooming your soft coated wheaten terrier will be one of the biggest challenges you will face.  Wheaten terriers as you know have hair, not fur.  This hair tends to become matted and knotted if not cared for properly. So let’s get started with some basics.

Comb and/or Brush Your Wheaten Regularly

I had no idea this existed until Andy arrived, but grooming spray is important. You want to comb out your wheaten terrier’s hair at least once a week all the way down to the skin.  You will do this procedure both for the wheaten’s puppy and adult coat so don’t get lazy!  Lightly mist the grooming spray over your wheaten while grooming.  This well help to ease the pull of the brush while also acting as a detangler.  The spray we use is linked below.


Ears, Ears, Ears! 

When thinking about soft coated wheaten terrier grooming, most people just think about the beautiful coat.  Don’t ignore those ears though!  Your wheaten terrier’s ears require a lot of attention.  Pick up a pair of blunt ended scissor type tweezers (the kind that won’t stab your poor wheatey, Link to what we’re talking about:

  There is also ear powder/cream that can be used to help reduce the unsightly odor of wax buildup in your wheaten’s ears.  We use the R7 product below but of course there are others that work just as well.  Always consult your vet however before deciding on an ear care regiment.

Nails & Paws

Trim your wheaten’s nails regularly.  Long nails can actually hurt their feet so this is important to your dog’s health.  The golden rule for dog nails is, if you can hear them clicking when they walk on hard floor they need trimming.  If your wheaten hates the idea of a nail clipper you can choose to file them down.  Wheaten terrier grooming also requires you to maintain the oft forgotten hair between their paw pads.  With blunt ended scissors trim this fur but be very careful not to cut anything but the hair, lest you want an angry wheaten on your hands!


These require less explanation here because people see their dog’s eyes every day.  Wheatens develop eye crusties that need to be removed atleast weekly.  Clean the surrounding fur with baby soap and water.

Regular Bathing

Get your wheaten terrier used to baths early on in puppyhood.  Use only shampoo products designed for dogs.  Wheatens have very sensitive skin so the wrong shampoo could cause a reaction.  It is a best practice to brush your wheaten out before bathing to loosen any dirt and debris and to remove any matted areas.  After a bath mats are nearly impossible to comb out so get rid of them pre bath.  Rinse the coat thoroughly to remove all soap suds.

Your Wheaten’s Butt Fur & Anal Area

What you probably didn’t know about soft coated wheaten terrier grooming is that you are also responsible for cleaning the anal area.  The easiest way to keep it that way is to trim the anal region often, keeping the hair short to prevent excrement from sticking to it on the way out the door.  If your wheaten has some dingleberries, make sure to bathe him to get rid of these unsightly and stinky protrusions.

Cutting that Hair?

Think you can handle the haircut on your own?  Feeling all DIY’ey?  Ok, well then you’re going to need a solid set of sheers.  Wheaten terrier hair is extremely thick.  Andis, linked below makes some of the best trimmers out there.  Wahl and Oster also make some decent ones but these are the best you can get.

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