How To Housebreak Your Wheaten Terrier

The soft coated wheaten terrier breed is smart, and therefore stubborn. Housebreaking a wheaten terrier is typically the most difficult task a new owner will face in the first few months of puppy ownership. Our puppy, Andy was born and raised on a farm and was therefore very comfortable using the bathroom outdoors. Since coming home however he has reverted slightly (which is entirely our fault) and has been going to the bathroom in the home on almost a daily basis.

Starting out – The crate is the den, and dog’s don’t like going to the bathroom in theAndySoftCoatedWheaten.pngir “den.” It’s an instinctual thing. They will however use the bathroom in your mud room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, you get the jist. What you want to do is set a schedule of let out times throughout the day, typically first thing in the morning, after breakfast, around lunch time, mid-afternoon, after dinner and before bed. If you stick to a schedule your puppy will learn to hold his excrement for those time periods with the expectation of being let out. Also, do your best to use the same door each time so that your wheaten knows to go to that door when the need arises.

Pee Pads? – Pee pads are nice backup plans. We used them in the rooms that he was evacuating most frequently in. He generally finds his way to or near them when the need to go comes, however I think they may be a bit of a crutch that has inhibited his progress.

The Plan Going Forward – We will be working to set a more solid schedule for him. We will also be using his crate indoors more frequently than we have been. He’s so much fun that we have let him out with us early and often. This has certainly led to his regression. We will attempt to crate him more often, especially an hour or so before his typical potty time. Let’s hope this works. We’ll keep you updated.

3 thoughts on “How To Housebreak Your Wheaten Terrier

  1. We recently lost our 13 1/2 year old Wheaten. Fortunately we have found a new puppy – Bunny, a Wheaten Terrier born on Oct. 29, 2012. How is your housebreaking coming along? Any additional tips? Do you leave Andy’s food bowl down for grazing or are you feeding at scheduled times? Andy looks like a great puppy.

    • Hi Ann – Sorry to hear about your loss. Best of luck with Bunny! There’s nothing quite like having a wheaten puppy in your home :)
      The housebreaking is coming along slowly but surely. One thing we have noticed lately is that he continually evacuates in the same area of the same room (laundry room) so we mixed a home made enzymatic spray to help eliminate the smell, 3 parts vinegar, 1 part water in a spray bottle. We have been cleaning the floor and it seems to be keeping him from going back to that spot. We keep his food bowl down now for grazing as he seems to eat a little at a time and never settles in for a full meal. There are varying schools of thought on this, but the vet seemed to think it’s ok to let him graze at this point since he burns so many calories daily. Thanks for the comment!
      Jim & Steph

  2. For all the memories that we all sherad together i try to relive them everyday. See there is nothing else in this world but my family that keeps me going i miss you Jody my heart will always be with you, and Jenn i miss you too this distance between us is only temporary and i cant wait until we are all together again reminiscing on all the good times

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