How to Keep a Wheaten Terrier From Jumping on People

If you have a wheaten you know they’re a bouncy bunch of little furry savages.  You walk in the door from work and your little snuggle poo jumps on you like you’re wearing a bacon suit.  This is super cute and you probably get down on the floor with him and roll around getting licked and pawed all over.  This is all types of fun until your little wheaten begins to think that this is how he should be greeting everybody.  The truth is, you’re special to him, but he will still get excited to see other people too.  And we don’t want our wheaten jumping on everybody he sees.  Not only is it unpleasant for those of use who don’t love dogs, but it can be dangerous when our 40 pound wheaten terrier decides to wheaten greet a 3 year old toddler.  Not good.  I know from experience.  The only way to keep your wheaten from jumping on people is to teach him that that behavior elicits no response from you. If you do that continually he will move on to more exciting things and ignore the urge to jump up.  Below is a quick video of Andy in class with the instructor giving him some gentle nudges as he jumps.  Notice how he no longer wants to hop up on him after round 1?

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