Kong Wobbler Review

Andy loves to eat.  Andy has a lot of energy.  So what do you do with a wheaten terrier puppy who loves to eat and has a ton of energy?  Put his food in a Kong wobbler.

The kong wobbler unscrews on the bottom (where the yellow/blue piece is in the picture) allowing you t dump food into the top.  The bottom is weighted with sand or something similar so the wobbler wobbles. Instead of putting his food in the bowl, especially at night while we’re eating too, we simply unscrew the wobble toy, put his food in there and bada bing, our little wheaten is spinning it all over the floor trying to get his food out.  Not only is this hilarious, he really seems to love the thing.  Maybe it appeals to his natural sense of the hunt?  Regardless, it seems to really tire him out both physically and mentally which is awesome.
The only drawback from this feeding method is of course the fact that he now is relegated to eating off of the floor.  He doesn’t seem to mind, but I can’t imagine this is the most sanitary way to feed your pup.  He is a dog however who licks feces so all in all, the floor isn’t so bad.

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