Our New Addition – Meet Andy!

Wesley’s departure left a void.  A big one.  There is something therapeutic about the innocent love of a dog, especially a soft coated wheaten terrier.  They are about as human as a dog can be.  Or atleast that’s what we believe.  So there really was no question whether there would be another wheaten in our lives.  I found this beautiful boy at a breeder in New Braintree, Massachusetts.  Misty River View Farm to be exact.  I worked with Rhonda who was just wonderful.  She answered all of my questions, was prompt to reply and was an overall great person to do business with.  Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a purebred farm raised wheaten.  I drove up to pick Andy up on Friday, 12/7/2012.  He was born on October 5th, so he was just around 8 weeks old when we got him.  He slept like a baby (turns out, he is a baby so this made sense) the entire 5 hour ride home.  Standard knowledge tells us that he should only be able to hold his bladder for 3 hours tops at this age.  Not this little guy.  Stopped to let him out and nothing.  He must have been scared?  Regardless he was great on the ride home and is an amazing addition to our home and family.  Couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful wheaten.

6 thoughts on “Our New Addition – Meet Andy!

  1. We have Andy’s sister, we names her Gigi. My husband picked her up for Christmas early in December and she is wonderful.

      • Ah .the pooch and vacation! I have had this plorbem for ten years. And now that Nadia is an older dog, it gets worse. The big kennels make me sign my life away before I leave her with them, and honestly, she never did that well in the big kennels anyway. So it’s a last ditch place I go to if all else fails.So what to do My handy little best kept secret is that veterinarians board dogs. Not a lot. Most of their room is for animals recovering from surgery. But .most people don’t know about this little secret, so it’s not hard to get reservations.They have ALL the shots on file, so no need to update anything. Half the time Nadia has her yearly while she is boarding with them.They kept Nadia the five times I had to go to Vermont for ten days July and January, and got to know her better than me, I think! The girls love her and give her extra attention..because there are not a lot of dogs there. There are no extra charges for play times and walks. When did kennels start charging all of that anyway???? And I get great peace of mind knowing she’s with the most capable hands I could leave her with her vet!

  2. I googled “misty river farm wheaten terrier new braintree” and came across your story. I think it is really neat, my husband told me that Gigi was very playful with her siblings, and also had a sister. Gigi has been great, we are not experienced with Wheatens but did have a Yorkie years back, Gigi seems to have adjusted well to our family. I am looking forward to doing my research here. I hope we can stay in touch!

    • That’s so funny. What a small world. I will do my best to keep this site updated with Andy’s progress as well as ours in terms of training etc. Does Gigi do a lot of biting? Andy loves to play/bite, sometimes a little harder than we would like. We’ve been working on teaching him “No bite” but it’s tough when he gets into play mode. Wheaten’s are great, you won’t find a breed that gets more excited about their family coming home than this one, haha.

  3. Oh Linda Sweetie…John is just absolutely beftuiaul. I am so thrilled for all of you. He has lots of hair and such beftuiaul skin. So sweet. I can smell that baby smell. Isn’t it wonderful?I love your package that you put together for him, and that cross is adorable. I am going to keep that craft in mind. Our 8th grandbaby is going to be a c-section looks like June 11th or maybe before, he is growing fast. We cannot wait. Babies are so much fun, especially when they go home at night. Grandparenting is wonderful.Congrats again to the family sweetie. Thanks for sharing this beftuiaul blue bundle. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

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