Tapeworms in Dogs

Yesterday we noticed that there were small, white rice like worms in Andy’s number 2.  Not good.  My wife nearly lost it.  We got him to the vet today and found out that Andy has himself a tapeworm.  Tapeworms in dogs it turns out are relatively common.  The vet did not seem surprised nor concerned by the fact that he had tapeworms.  I on the other hand was pretty stressed out. As new puppy parents of course we blamed ourselves for his little issue.  Turns out however that there’s no conceivable way that we could have helped Andy avoid this mishap.

So how do tapeworms in dogs form?  The veterinarian noted that Andy could have contracted the tapeworm a few ways, the most common of which is ingestion of a contaminated flea.  The vet checked our little wheaten for fleas and did not find any, thank god.  Who knows where the little fella found the flea that he ate.  Could have been anywhere.  The vet also mentioned that tapeworms in dogs also occur due to their unique fascination with sniffing/eating other dogs’ poopy.  Not cool.

Recap – Symptoms of Tapeworms in Dogs:

  • Rice like worms found in the fecal matter
  • Your wheaten acts a little differently than normal (Andy was spending more alone time than usual over the last day or two)

Treatment for Tapeworms in Dogs:  The veterinarian provided us with four 22.7mg tablets of Drontal Plus.  We were instructed to give him two today and two three weeks from today.  We gave him his first one, and in smart soft coated wheaten terrier fashion he promptly at the treat it was housed in, spit the pill on the floor and looked up at us for another treat.  Already??  I mean, I was impressed by it, but come on buddy, we’re trying to help.

So what to do if you have a dog with tapeworms?

Get him/her to a vet.  It is not an emergency, but I wouldn’t wait too long.

Clean your house! We ended up finding some dried up tapeworm remains on our bed as well.  Keep an eye out for that if your wheaten sleeps on the bed with you.  Kind of nasty.  Vacuum/sweep all of the rooms your dog inhabits thoroughly.  You don’t want any parasitic evidence lying around.

So what have we learned?  Tapeworms in dogs are gross.  Super gross.  I hope we never encounter anything other than poop in his poop again.  It was a pretty terrible sight.


One thought on “Tapeworms in Dogs

  1. If your dogs have fleas, then they are not just outside. They are most lkiley inside your house now too! A year ago I had the same problem. But it got so bad by the time we figured it out that we could actually see them in the carpet if we looked. You will need to get a special shampoo for your carpet and any cloth furniture that may have been in contact with your dogs. Clean any area that the dogs have been in and any adjacent rooms too.Also, my vet suggested this aerosal can that had flea killer in it. They sold it right there at the vet’s office. You just spray it on the carpet, let it soak in for 1/2 hr, and then vacuum it up. And KEEP THE DOGS OUT for a few hrs. It worked VERY well.But for as to keep the fleas out of the yard, I do not know. I would say just to keep the grass regularly cut and keep any flowers and shrubs from getting out of hand. Most small insects like the thick grassy areas like as in a meadow. Other than that, maybe try a natural pesticide or something. I’ve heard soapy water keeps certain bugs off of flowers, so maybe that would work every now and then on the lawn, but I’m not entirely sure how true that may be. And as always use the preventative medicine for your dogs like advantage.

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