Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Temperament

Soft coated wheaten terriers are extremely bouncy dogs.  They take their playful disposition with them throughout their lives.  Many people wonder that given their likelihood to jump, lick and bite whether soft coated wheaten terriers are good with children.  The answer is unequivocally yes.  All dogs however should be well supervised when left with small children.  Soft coated wheaten terriers do especially well with well behaved children who are considerate of the dog.  Many breeders recommend that parents wait until their children are atleast school age before bringing a wheaten terrier into the family.  Their never ending energy may overwhelm a small child leading to detrimental psychological memories of your wheaten.  Also, soft coated wheaten terriers require a lot of attention, training, and effort when young.  Therefore, you may want to consider whether you have the time to devote to your wheaten before purchasing.  Soft coated wheaten terriers are joyful playmates, energetic, affectionate and full of love. The soft coated wheaten terrier combines alert intelligence with working dog steadfastness.

Wheaten Terrier in the City?

Yes, soft coated wheaten terriers can adapt well to city life.  Wheatens are extremely adaptable and can conform to whatever lifestyle they have been afforded.  You should however consider the wheaten terrier’s energetic disposition when considering ownership.  A small apartment may no lend itself well to the overall exuberance of the breed.

Are Wheatens Good Outdoors?

Wheatens were born for the outdoors.  Soft coated wheaten terriers are known to chase small game, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks etc.  They may even chase a car or two if feeling up to it.  Given this knowledge it is suggested that wheaten terrier owners never allow their wheaten to roam free in an unfenced area.  Electric fence technology has worked well for us in the past, but we are hesitant to use it with Andy.  The thought of an electric shock collar just doesn’t sound right.  We’re in search for alternatives, and in the meantime picked up one of those huge screw in stakes and a long lead for him to stay safely corralled outside.

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