Week 16 Update: Andy Lost Some Baby Teeth!

Andy will be 4 months old this Friday.  Our little wheaten is growing up.  Fast.  My wife and I were playing with him last night and noticed that he was missing a couple of his front teeth.  He looks hilarious.  We’re interested to see how this teething process goes.  His mouthing has subsided considerably over the past week or so.  It seemed like he was finally over the teething process.  I fully expect there to be a restart now as his big boy teeth come in.

I’ll tell you what though, we’ll be happy to see those little needle teeth give way to his adult teeth.  They are sneaky sharp.

As far as Andy’s housebreaking is concerned, he is coming along nicely.  Of course, he still has a few areas of the home where he likes to make potty, but we have become much better at keying in on the signs that he has to go.  This is really important for anyone with a new soft coated wheaten terrier in their home.  Pay attention to your puppy’s actions at all times.  Do your best to correlate his actions with future acts.  We now can see him sniff the floor in a certain manner and immediately realize he has to relieve himself.  When he needs to make #2, his sniffing is combined with his tail standing on end.  Gotta clear the runway I guess.

Andy now has full command of “Sit” and “Give Paw.”  If he is rowdy, we can ask him to sit and he will do it 90% of the time.  Which is awesome.  He shakes hands well, but often likes to give us both at once in an effort to get his treat faster.  My wife worked with him this week to slow the process down into separate commands.  This has worked wonderfully.  He still doesn’t respond consistently to “Come” but Wesley, my wife’s family’s wheaten never really did either.  I think that’s just a wheaten terrier stubbornness thing.  We’ll keep working on that one.

I almost forgot, Andy is a great guard dog!  Our alarm went off last night and as soon as he heard it he sprung out of bed, and dashed towards the bedroom door growling and barking.  The alarm goes off every time we walk in the house, so it’s not as if it is a foreign sound.  It wasn’t blaring, it was just doing the steady beep thing.  But I guess something in his little wheaten terrier brain told him this shouldn’t be happening now, at this time and he went into full family protect mode.  Cute.  And his bark is pretty manly for a 16 lb. little monster.

Other than that, things are great.  We need to make it a point to socialize him with other dogs in the coming weeks.  We took him to PetSmart and he smacked a Pit Bull in the head.  Not advisable.  We learned of a fenced in dog park not far from our home, so we’ll be trying that out soon.

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