What Andy’s Eating These Days

Andy loves to eat.  He’s a puppy, so that’s no surprise.  If my math is correct, he’s burning somewhere in the neighborhood of a bazillion calories a day.  He’s got energy abound.  So we decided to do some research on the fuel that we’re going to put into his little dynamo of a body.  After walking around PetSmart for an hour with one of their sales people and then scouring the interweb for info, I was convinced that Blue Buffalo was the way to go.  I’ve read that I could eat the stuff if I was hungry. Key point here is that I am not a dog.  Hey, if it’s good enough for me it’s good enough for our pup. It is of course the most expensive food out there, but hey, Andy’s worth it.

The rep told me that when looking at puppy foods, or dog foods for that matter you want to focus on the ingredient list.  The first thing on the list is what the manufacturer uses the most of.  Blue Buffalo’s website echoes this point in their comparison tool.  If you go through the tool you will also receive a $5.00 coupon off of your puppy’s food purchase.  This brings the price in line with some of the other popular brands out there.

What really drew me to the Buffalo Blue was that they claim to use no chicken/poultry byproducts in their food formula.  These include the leftover parts of the slaughtered chickens etc. including feet, necks, eggs…stuff you wouldn’t want to eat so why feed it to your new wheaten?

Amazon, as usual has good if not the best prices on this stuff, around $50ish for a 30 lb. bag.  Aff link below if you’re interested.


One thought on “What Andy’s Eating These Days

  1. Ashley Keith – Wow! I can’t believe how well you carupted our little guy’s personality! He’s all over the place, never sits still and somehow you still got some great shots of Tucker! We’re so happy Thanks!

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