Wheaten Terrier Puppy Habits

Andy is most definitely a puppy.  More specifically he is a soft coated wheaten terrier puppy.  Now to those of you who do not own a wheaten, that might sound silly.  But it really isn’t.  The wheaten terrier breed is special.  I’m convinced of it.  They have more energy than any breed I have ever come into contact with.  Wesley (my wife’s family’s wheaten) passed away at 15 years of age.  A week before he passed he was dashing up the driveway, sprinting through the backyard and doing the Lambeau Leap onto the back porch on his way inside.  He normal breed puppy energy his entire life.  It was awesome.

Balls of Energy

Enter Andy.  Andy is a puppy, like I said, a wheaten puppy, and he has more energy than any puppy I have ever encountered.  He will run and play and jump and bite as long as my wife or I can continue to play with him.  He gets extra crazy when he finds a lone morsel of food on the floor. Like last night, Andy found a rogue garbanzo bean on the floor.  He grabbed it and sprinted around the house, under anything he could find, over anything he could find, behind anything he could find.  You get the jist.  Based on what I’ve found on youtube I think this is normal for a wheaten.  I hope so.  Because otherwise he’s just plain crazy.  My wife calls it his ginger bread man routine.  You know, catch me if you can…and guess what, you can’t catch him.

Quick With the Teeth

Andy’s 12 weeks old now and he is already faster than me.  That’s not saying a whole lot, but it’s still pretty impressive given how small his legs are.  I mean I’m at least 7 times his size.  My stride alone should give me the advantage.  Nope.  He likes to nibble.  Ok, bite.  He likes to bite.  He will only do it when I’m on the ground playing with him.  He goes into full puppy play mode, which apparently includes a lot of rolling around, jumping, pawing and gnawing.  It’s all in good fun, but his jaw is getting stronger and he doesn’t realize it but it’s starting to hurt when he bites.  We’ve been giving him a solid “No Bite” instruction for the last few weeks.  He is becoming very receptive to it which is fantastic.


Andy’s an oddball when it comes to eating. Or at least I think he is.  When we put food out he doesn’t eat it all, or even close.  He usually take a few bites, then goes back to playing.  Half hour later he goes in for a few bites and then back to playing, and so on.  Mix a nap in and that’s his feeding schedule.  I think this is a good thing from a health perspective.  He doesn’t try to stuff himself which is great.  We never have to worry about leaving too much food out for him.  I wonder if this will change with age?  Guess we’ll see.

Napping & Sleep Habits

My man lovesssss to nap.  Loves it.  He’s you’re classic nap hard play hard kind of puppy.  He has two speeds.  Crazy or napping.  Not much in between.  He sleeps like a rock too.  Moves around some, but he will sleep until my wife and I wake up.  We tested him out one lazy Sunday and he slept right with us until 10am.  Love it.  Seriously Andy, that’s awesome.  I think this is a soft coated wheaten terrier thing.  Wesley used to sleep in too.  It really is a great trait. Waking up at 6am every morning to walk the dog isn’t ideal.  If you enjoy your rest on occasion, the wheaten terrier might be the dog for you.

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