Wheaten Terrier Socks

I just thought these were really cute.  When I found them online I was actually looking for socks to put ON Andy, not socks to put on people.  Wheaten clothing is just so funny to me.  The soft coated wheaten terrier community I find to be full of pride, which is awesome.  But socks? With wheaten faces?  Sounds silly, but to a wheaten owner it is par for the course.  I don’t know if it’s the relative rarity of the wheaten terrier breed that brings out this prideful exuberance, or their ultra unique personalities, but whatever it is I’m glad that I am a part of it.  Andy has definitely changed my life in ways that I can’t even begin to describe.  He has only been a part of our family for five weeks, but he has already made his mark.  Many fun years ahead.
I’m still in search of a pair (is it called a pair when you’re looking for 4?)  of socks for Andy.  He comes in after his walks and makes an absolute mess of our hardwood floors.  Not that we didn’t expect this, but a solution would be welcomed. I’m thinking socks with little grippers on the bottom similar to his paw pads.  Ideally they would help keep the home a bit cleaner, but let’s be serious, he’s a wheaten, and there is no way he’s leaving socks on his feet.  If I find them I’ll probably give it a shot though.  Can’t hurt to try.  Anyone have any luck with something similar?