Wheaten Terrier Winter Gear

So Andy’s haircut schedule seems to always land some time in the dead of winter.  We live in New Jersey.  It’s cold in January.  Really cold.  Andy’s mom starts with the coats some time in mid November and he pretty much wears them both in and out for the entire season.  The price of all that warmth however is one heavily matted wheaten.  SONY DSCWe tried our best to keep up with the matted spots with his dematting comb and detangler spray but no luck.  The groomer tells us every time that she needs to shave beneath the knots to get them out completely.  So basically his haircut will be as short as his worst knot and now Andy is fur-less in 10 degree weather.  This is where have a coat that fits really comes in handy.  After going through numerous outerwear options from PetSmart and the like we found that Andy was pretty tough to buy for.  The sizes at the big box stores just never seemed to get close enough to fit him right.  So of course we got on the google machine and started searching.  Found this company called RC Pets (think they’re out of Canada?) and picked up a “Whistler Winter Coat” shown below:
This was his first puppy coat and we really loved it.  The fit and finish is really nice and the coat itself stood up to puppyhood like no other.  Pretty impressive.  The velcro underpinnings were strong, but of course decided to velcro into his fur every now and then.  I believe we got him a size 10 for him as a pup.  As he grew up and out of his puppy coat we went back to RC to pick up an adult sized coat, believe we went with a size 20 which fits him perfectly (he is about 40 lbs and 21″ at the shoulder).  Really a great quality product that has lasted for two years now and I expect many more to come.  Amazon link below to the black one as well as a picture of the little man modeling it.  For the $25, I would say the RC pets fleece jackets are well worth it.  Keep your wheaten warm and stylish for the winter.
Wheaten Coat

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